Farm Pickup CSA. It is setup just like a farmers’ market in our washing/packing building at the farm!

All CSA memberships for the 2014 season are now open!

Harvest Valley Farm’s CSA program is a unique way of marketing seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to local community members.
We have two different types of CSA programs

Farm pick-up
Member comes directly to the farm and is able to choose a certain amount of produce from a display which is set up like a farmers’ market stand.
City drop-off
We choose the fruits and vegetables that are in season to put in the share. We then drop off 20 – 30 shares at a designated drop site in the community. These drop sites are usually a volunteer member’s home.
The price for the produce sold through these two different CSA programs is a set amount for once-a-week deliveries for 23 weeks of the growing season (June – November).  Click here for prices.

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